Marado Island is the southernmost part of Korea. Visitors explore the whole island in 90 minutes. Cliffs, bizarre-looking stones, and a coastal erosion tunnel and cave are famous spots here. Also worth visiting are Cheonyodang (or Halmangdang) is where residents pray for the safety of women divers collecting marine products, Marado Island Lighthouse, and its branch school. Marado Island residents run 16 inns for tourists and anglers. Since 1883, people have lived here.

the sources taken from the website of Jeju

Let us get started in real pics

on the ferry to the way to Marado island

            you can take a view of Sanbangsan mountain on the ferry bound for Marado

Before off the ferry, i got picture of beautiful rocks taken

What a clean wave and view

the School on Marado island

church with oval shape

and light house in white 

 Dancing reeds surrounded with wooded fence

My mom with reeds so beautiful

My only one precious older sister

 Jay d with a background of Sanbangsan mountain

Wonderful    and peaceful

Soju with a delicious abalones and see weeds

Soju Soju Hanasan mountain Soju


Church so bizarre

Caved stone saying southernmost parts of Korea

My mom's hair looks like afro style

father with the ferry

Do not miss this island when in Jeju

So beautiful and and and and cozy island

take it easy and get relaxed

Bye Bye