Soinggook Theme Park In JEJU(소인국 월드)


Do you want to travel around the world?

But you have tiny budget

Do not worry.

you can take a world travel within Jeju.

Through this Theme Park.

 you can experience super duper fabulous world tourist attraction.

I would like to post Soinggook Theme Park in JEJU

Let me introduce this.

It is the largest miniature them park in  Korea.

I am sure this is ideally for family and couple.

100 miniatures of famous buildings in more than 30 countries. 

You will watch it and you will experience the world in the Theme Park.

Let us get started 

This is entrance of Soingook Themepark.

these cute statues are a symbol of JEJU called as Dol Ha Ru Bang....

sorry i do not know about the exact spelling.

This is  aminiature of Jeju Airport so cute.

sophisticated structure

This is Seoul stations

the............coming through...

The Supreme Court in Seoul.

Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I tried to look like that. 

The Opera House

Anybody knows this building?

Please leave a comments..

I am actually weak at historical place.

What is above statue......?

Can't remember..

but this statues make my family pics so funny.

Please leave a comment about what it is..

Jwabulsang ( the statue of sitting Budda

It is the largest Jwabulsang in Asia.


I have got more and additional pics, however, i know insufficient info  and

I do not want to let you know the wrong information.

So I just finish few pics.

When i was in the Theme Park. I felt like backpacker taking world travel.


Not only has JEJU lots of mysterious nature, 

But also the city officials try to maximize their nature 

and make some amusement parks for tourist in order to give more impressiveness

Next tour will be continued...